Stop sacrificing control for convenience and performance.
No more switching between dApps.
Vertex's suite of cross-margin products makes it easy to stay on-chain. Everything you need to manage your portfolio.

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Go long or short to hedge positions or maximize capital

The DEX you've been waiting for.

You deserve better

Why should control mean slow & complex? We built a protocol to rival CEXs

Fast, Cheap and Secure

Built on Arbitrum's L2, for fast confirmations and low fees.


Lightning fast, order-book for zero-slippage trading. Place limit orders gas free.

Cross Margin

Utilize ALL your capital across balances and open positions. More flexibility and efficiency.

Ramps & Bridges

Seamlessly convert FIAT for crypto. Bridge assets between chains. All without Vertex.

Always Non-Custodial

No frozen funds. No broken promises. Trust code.


Designed for both advanced and novice users. Get up to speed or discover the new standard.


getting started
Who said it wasn't easy?
All you need is a crypto wallet, email or social media account.

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Each Vertex account is connected to a web3 wallet. Sound familiar? Connect using you're preferred wallet. New to crypto? Create a non-custodial wallet using your email or social media account in minutes.

Let's Build the Future of DeFi. Together
We're building Vertex for YOU.
Here are some ways to get involved:
Careers at Vertex

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Drop us a line and let's see what we can build together

Get an Edge. Give an Edge.
Vertex powers next-level DeFi primitives so you (or you're users) can get ahead. Build solutions with our industry-leading order-book, risk engine and deep liquidity. Interact directly with our audited smart contracts or the Vertex SDK.


Participate in Liquidations

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Vertex SDK

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Become a market maker

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